Basketball Recruiting Tips

Imagine coming home from school and checking the mail with letters from college coaches, or driving home from school and receiving a call from a college coach asking how your day was.

The joys of the recruiting process is unlike any other experience in the world of high school sports. You get to plan out your future while figuring out the best choice for your academics as well as playing career. Although the joy of being recruiting is exhilarating, not many players get to partake in it due to the amount of scholarships that are offered per school and the ratio of high school players. The percentage for high school basketball players to be recruited is less than one percent!

Some helpful tips that can help you get your name on coaches desk:

1) The most important one, GRADES. No coach will want to recruit a player from a small under recruited area (Brevard County) with a low GPA, SAT, and ACT.

2) AAU will help you more than playing for your high school team. Now, you do have to play for the right team. There are a lot of AAU teams who play all summer long but never participate in a NCAA sanctioned tournament. If you’re paying to play AAU basketball you want to play in front of college coaches at these tournaments. At the end of the day you can play in front of mom and dad in the driveway for free!

3) FILM! With this day in age and all the social media tools it is incredibly easy for a video of you to go viral from a crazy play. At the end of tournaments, summer long season, and high school season you should be creating highlight tapes for YOUR own YouTube channel. Along with highlight tapes you will want full game footage as well.

4) As great as social media is, it can also ruin a players chance of earning a scholarship. Universities don’t want anyone who will damage or tarnish their name or reputation. If you post inappropriate content or make inappropriate remarks it will come back and bite you in the end. Be respectful, mature, and humble. This is a “job opportunity,” they are paying for your education as you get to play a sport.

5) Just as it was stated above, it’s a job. If you want a job you MARKET yourself. I know you think coaches are supposed to do that but when you play for a small program and coaches change every season they have no idea how to get players to the next level.

All I did here was give you all a couple of tips on how to enhance your chances of being recruited. I didn’t go into much detail for a reason.

Be on the look out for a mini book to help players get recruited. In this book I will go into every detail I can that helped me land over 40+ NCAA Division 1 schools talk to me. Details on that will be found on F.A.I.T.H BASKETBALLS Instagram page,

Thank you all for reading! Please leave feedback or please ask any question you may have.





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  1. Another great way to market yourself as an athlete is keeping a portfolio w/ stats and such at your game just in case a recruiter shows up! always be prepared.

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